Selling Shares

Investing in shares is not just for highly experienced traders, it can be a great way to bring in a modest secondary income or simply enjoyed as a hobby. When it comes to buying and selling shares, you need to know how to get the best deal especially when it comes to selling shares. is dedicated to giving you the best possible information for selling shares across all platforms, whether it’s trading shares on the phone, on the Internet or offline with share certificates.

Why Sell Shares?

Selling shares is a great way to release cash tied up in your investment. There are different types of investment that could lead to your decision to sell shares. Investing in the stock market is often a long term strategy – most of the time you hold onto shares in order to receive your regular dividend that would eventually payback the initial investment; in this case, you may sell your shares years or even decades down the line. Other incidents may be more short term, such as the purchase of shares before an acquisition with the expectation that such a financial investment would prove to be rapidly lucrative.

Selling shares is more straightforward than ever. Many share dealers have now based themselves online and on the mobile web which makes your ability to sell shares much easier and much quicker.

Selling Shares Online

By selling your shares online, you are able to cut the costs of selling shares. The cost per transaction can range from anywhere between £1.50 and £25.00 depending on the type of transaction you wish to make. Find out more about selling shares online & cash loans.

Selling Shares by Mobile

Share prices can sometimes be very volatile. In fact they can be so volatile that you may not always be around a computer to sell the shares before things get worse. You can use your mobile to sell shares online or to make a quick trade with a phone call. Find out more about selling shares by phone.